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.223 vs .308 Range Report


.50 BMG
Yesterday was a lovely morning at the range, and I got in a lot of work with the new ammo.

I am finally shooting a pattern of .308 at 225 yds, comparable to my best .223 shooting. This was my best ever .223 shooting at 225 yards.

These were running about 3050 FPS while the
.308 was running 2765 FPS.
This previous best 150grn pattern was about 0.01" smaller than my .223 best.
Yesterday's best pattern was unfortunately not so hot. These 168 grain hpbts could definitely use more powder.
Also I messed up my new rifle scope adjustment and now I am back to square one.

I had not torqued the set screws internal to the top resettable turret, and the adjustment slipped on me.

Let's face it, it was just not my best shooting. More powder needed here!

I also took my new pistol loads.
I shot my first-ever .44 mag handloads, and some .45 acp plus 5 flavors of .308.

I am amazed that the Trailboss is so dirty compared to Clays or HS-6, but I made some amazing powderpuff loads that sounded more like .38 pistol & with minimal recoil. That gun is so heavy it was like shooting a .22.

I adjusted the sight and shot an OK pattern at 7 yards.

CFE pistol powder was used in some .45ACP, and it was pretty clean. I chrono'd subsonics for both revolvers, running about 675 fps.


.50 BMG
I am def not putting in the same hours as when I was working.
A good 25% of my income came from working OT and side jobs.