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270 mossberg 4x4 spiral bolt

John A.

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You'd probably do better asking Mossberg directly. You'll just need to know the serial number.

old mossy

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charlesdahl said:
how old is it and how much is it worth?just bought it. :?:
thanks charlie.

They are on armslist for $325. used. You can get a new one for $450.-$600.


I have a spiral (fluted) bolt .308 currently. Model manufacture was late 2012.
Generally, age, doesn't have as much to do with price as Condition does. Also, stock and metal finish has a major part in that too, but bother fall under the category of condition, I would believe.

Give Mossberg a call and see what date they give you. Also, have plenty of time, sometimes it can be a long wait lol