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3d printed backup arrow holder


.270 WIN
Ive stated using a 3D printer and as I experiment with this engineering marvel Ive thought up some bowhunting uses for it.
Here is one of them. I don’t like to have a quiver on my bow while in a stand. I shoot white crest, 3 white vanes and a white nock. I don’t like these 5 bright white flags attached to my bow while maneuvering for a shot so I have a clip on the quiver to hang it on a nearby branch but that puts the arrows out of reach sometimes. Ive always wanted a way to clip a backup arrow closer to where I want it and adjustable to the situation.

Here are the 2 pieces for the arrow clip. The larger part snaps onto a 1 inch square tube (which all my ladder stands are made of). The smaller part snaps into the larger part and swivels putting the backup arrow at whatever angle I need it. Rocking the arrow backward releases it from the clip. I can print more of them or move this clip from stand to stand.






Better get a patent on that!!! Nice idea!
I saw on another site somebody was using these pen holders as arrow holders. The only negative is that they are sticky back and not adjustable to any situation so I modified my 3D file to remove the hard clip so I could use this flexible rubber thingy and still swivel. I replaced the double sided tape that came with with something better.
I cut them in half so I can get two from one holder since its more than gripy enough for the task. They work great for Carbon Express and Gold tip shafts but the micro diameter shafts don’t work and slip through.





Could you use a rare earth magnet on the clip? Then it would fit wherever you needed.
Sure. That would work very well. If the mgnet were of a repeatable size a pocket couls be made for it in the printed part and epoxy to keep it in place.