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510 mini Mossberg jammed


Copper BB
Question and comment: My husband purchased a 510 pump shotgun for me for protection / target practice.
He fired one shell ( the correct one Remmington) and the gun jammed to the point where you could not move the pump action or take the gun apart. Cabellas where it was purchased on the 21st said they have to send it back and see if it can be repaired or they would replace it.
I am so disappointed and feel cheated not to mention I don't trust the gun now at all especially since it is my first firearm ever owned. Has anyone experienced this or know what the problem with the giun might me.
I am fearful that I got a total s---w job purchasing this particular firearm.
Wlcome to the Mossberg Owners Forum lizabeth !!

Well...Let's see...the first thing you do when you purchase a new shotgun is field strip, clean, and lube it...

to insure there are no factory burrs and grease present...and to insure all the metal parts are protected and

will slide ( metal to metal ) when you work the action. Then there is short stroking the action after you fire it...

it must be a robust, deliberate action of working that slide to eject and chamber the next round.
Mine does the same thing once in a while. Are you able to remove the shell? Since it was fired, it should be safe, provided you can remove the remaining shells in the tube.

You might have to cut the shell out to remove it. After that, take it apart (feild strip it) to clean it. You need a cleaning kit. Clean it real good. Mossberg ships em full of gook to keep em from rusting up during shipping.

When it's clean, take a close up pic of the action, that way we might be able to see the hang up.

Here's a video on stripping it and reassembling it....

Thank you so much for the excellent advice. I did grease the gun before firing it the first time. After firing I could not move anything on the gun let alone take it apart.
The spent shell was ejected, I only had one shell in the gun. When I get the gun back from repair or replacement, I will also follow your excellent advice.
I just have to wait a few weeks to see what the manufacturer deemed wrong with the gun.

Thanks so much, video was great! I also read my owners manual three times before I even tried to fire the gun.
Welcome to the forum from NY.

Keep us posted on the problem.
Aha....you sent it out already...oh well.

When you do get that one or the "replacement" one, clean it first. Then lube it with hoppes #9 oil or froglube.

Keep us updated here in this topic so we have a timeline to go by.

Oh....welcome to the club!
Oh yes....a question for you....what kind of grease did you use ?
Hi there I have the recommended oil from cabellas it is Hoppes. I just got the gun back today with no explanation of what was done to it.
I phoned the co. and they looked it up and told me they adjusted the elevator and interruptor and they had the wood dowel thrown in the box.
I am new to this gun thing and have to research what the elevator and interrupter does. Do I need to put that wodden dowel thing back in the gun?

Thanks for all your help here for someone not so intelligent about firearms as of yet.
Howdy. Glad to hear you got your gun back fixed.:)
The wooden dowel is a shell restrictor used when hunting.
Hoppes is great.

Getting to know your Mossy watch this video a few times and you'll be a pro.

Also here's a pic that will help you also.

Any more questions ask away. There are a lot of great people here to help you.:)
Like Mossy says, hoppes is good. You should get a kit though.

Unless you plan to hunt with it, then the dowel is not needed. Keep it safe somewhere, just in case.

Watch the video a few times before attemping to clean/feild strip it. Get rid of all that gooky stuff Mossberg applied. Then lube it with the hoppes #9.

Does your hubby have an idea about guns? Or is he fairly new to the sport? If he has a clue, then have him show you how to feild strip/clean it too...a family that feild strips guns together, stay together...