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535 ATS

3" loads aren't as bad as 3 1/2" ... but I wouldn't be shooting them all day long. Or even for an hour straight. Definitely look into a good stock and recoil pad if you really want to go that option. Don't let my opinion shy you away though. Many people shoot them happily every day, just not for me.
I use 2 3/4" shells. They work just fine for me. The kick on it is like my 835. If you are not a fan of a baseball bat hittin you in the shoulder, you might want to look into a recoil reducing stock. I did. I also put a limbsaver slip on pad over it. Now its like marshmellows being thrown at me.....lol. No really. It's that awesome. After I installed them both I went out with my boxes of 3" shells and sighted it in...then shot the rest..all day. It was great. Just wear earplugs...