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590 A1 not happy

Red October

Copper BB
590 A1 mariner.....this is used in our military?

Just out of the box, fired an s and b 00 buckshot, and the action freezes and will not move.
Finally cleared it changed over to fiochi's and after a few rounds, same thing.

Took it apart cleaned and oliled.

Worked ok with fiochi's....then hung up on a federal 3 inch 00 buckshot.
Tore it apart again.....appears to be a burr on the thread line of the breech hanging up the extractor. ??? How could that pass QC?

Sent it in.

Red October

Copper BB
It should be here by Wednesday.
That IS a great turn around time.
Zakher was recalcitrant at best regarding my questions about Mossberg QC but, did I reall expect him to say QC sucks?
Still, with the many posts here regarding the same or similar problem, one would think better QC would trump having to send it in to be "fixed".

John A.

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I'm pretty certain they don't test fire every gun they make. But don't confuse that as me taking up for a screw up.

Did you notice that the gun had a problem when it was on the shelf at the gun store?

If you didn't, I'd be willing to bet they didn't either. No company likes the bad publicity of having a product not working right straight out of the box.

I've had to send guns back before if they were under warranty. None from Mossberg, but I have had trouble with new guns before. Stuff happens.

It's how they deal with it that matters in the end.

Red October

Copper BB

You speak the truth.
I've sent a Kimber, a Sig and a Rock Island in for work. I am also dismayed that CZ uses crappy steel for their retaining pins (no dry firing for them, until you change them out).

Until Wednesday, I am hopeful things have been resolved.