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590A1 retrograde stock refinish


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Long story short;
Bought a 590A1 retrograde ,
Mossberg decal on butt stock peeled off the wood finish when removed ,
Got a new replacement stock sent out under warranty,
Stripped and refinished the original stock.
I used a razor blade to remove the original finish, then I steel wooled the stock and applied a few coats of Boiled Linseed Oil.
The original finish was a lacquer or some such thing , it wasn’t even bonded to the wood , literally peeled off like old paint.
I have no clue why mossberg would take such a nice piece of wood and cover it with a crappy finish like they did.


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Me either.

If the stocks were still too wet from the stain and pre-treatment and the top coat were applied over top of that too soon before fully curing, could be a reason why it was having problems.

Not making excuses, but it is a feasible explanation of what may have happened to have caused that.

I'm glad they sent you out a replacement though.


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How good is the finish on the replacement stock? (Maybe a bad batch on your gun?) Glad they let you keep the defective one - that is crazy! I would love a Retrograde but I had to put a Bantam wood stock on my 500, the 14" LOP is way too long for me.