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802 Int. NEW Bolt Removal .


Copper BB
Hi all ,I have recently purchased a 802 international Plinkster and am having trouble removing the bolt.
I pull the bolt rearwards and depress the trigger and the bolt wont budge unless I follow through with force.
I have read the manual and don't see what the safety manipulation has to do with it , in my opinion it should work with safety off regardless.
Anyhow ,what can be causing the bolt to hang up like this?
Can anyone describe to me what happens and the direction the seer is meant to go during bolt removal ?


First off, welcome to Mossberg owners!
Is it new?
It sounds to like you are doing it correctly.
I know my daughters was a little difficult to remove, but not so much that I had to pull hard, I will say that as we have broken it in, it has become easier to remove, the bolt was even somewhat difficult to lock into firing position.
Sadly there isn't a ton of info out there on these fun little shooters...
I will do some searching as well.


Copper BB
Yes it is the new version ,it is un fired although I have cycled the bolt and firing pin 30 times with dummy rounds.
I have had bolts slide out on their own after depressing the trigger , this one needs more than a jiggle. It seems like a tug of war until something in the gun gives .


Copper BB
bolt.jpg I had a look today at the seer with the rifle stock removed and it moves towards the barrel end when removing the bolt . I have found bolt removal works better as a sharp snap instead of gradual increase of pull .I have taken a picture of the bolt where I imagine the trouble is .It appears the edge has rounded where the seer contacts . Should I complete the rounding with a 45' angle ?