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835 vs 590 for Specter 3-point Sling


Copper BB
Im looking at getting a Specter Gear 3-point sling for my 835. The front sling attachment is slid over the magazine and held down by the cap. They make the slings for 500s and 590s. My question is the magazine and cap the same on a 590 as it is on the 835? Here is the one I'm looking at.


Also, do you think it will work with my gun having a cheek riser on it? I plan to call them before I order but I know most companies don't like off label talk. Thanks again everyone.


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Sorry I'm just seeing this.

Yes the magazine cap is the same as the 590.

I have a Specter Gear 3 point I initially bought for my 590 and am now using on my 835.

They have so many attachment options I'm certain there's something that will work even if you go with the adapter to work with the existing sling swivel on the stock.


Copper BB
All good. Thank you. I emailed them and they confirmed it will work. They just made the back attachment straps longer and it works great. Carried it for opening morning yesterday and I don't know how I have hunted with out one! Extremely convenient!

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