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930 JM Pro Cleaning.


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Good day all. I have recently bought a 930 JM PRO. This is my first semi auto Shotgun. I am in Canada so my 930 does not have a mag tube extension. Is it necessary to remove the mag tube spring for regular maintenance? I can remove the cap for disassembly and there is still a retaining clip to hold the spring in place. I can't see there being a problem but I would rather be safe than sorry. Thanks for the assistance.
It is usually not needed after every time you shoot it.
I will take mine out and clean it every few cleanings.
If it is brand new, taking it out for a cleaning and light lube it not a bad idea.


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What Bobster said. Other than the initial disassembly, inspection and thorough cleaning I seldom clean the magazine tube. If the shotgun gets wet in the rain or falls in a puddle I would do another complete disassembly, inspection and cleaning.