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930 SPX converted w/a 24" Turkey Barrel + Ammo Testing

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So I finally got my 24" Turkey Barrel in with the full turkey choke. I also got in a mag cap, spring, and an improved cylinder and modified choke.


I thought I had an issue up front. Put in my dummy rounds at home and tried to cycle the ammo to make sure the new spring and mag cap was fine... kept jamming on the second shell (FTF). Super annoying. A few days go by and I had time to just mess with the gun for a few hours and I realized the dummy rounds were causing the jam. manually cycled live rounds and it was fine. Damn you dummy rounds!

Barrel Installation:

Stupid easy and everything fit as it should. The change out really changes the look of the weapon. It's like I have 2 auto loaders now!



Fiber Optic Sights:

Not bad easy target acquisition. Also with the sights I took off my comb raiser pad and finally got a great cheek weld with this shotty. Felt more natural.

Ammo and shooting results:

Shot 75 rounds of cheap birdshot, 30 rounds of winchester slugs, and 2 rounds of the Hornady 3" Magnum Turkey Load # 5 shot for patterning. Results:

With the sights shooting slugs at 50 yards seems I need to aim about 6-8" lower on my target than with my ghost rings to hit the target in the area I want to hit. I suppose that will be the same with my 590A1 which I recently acquired with a bead sight and probably why I wasn't hitting anything with slugs with my 590A1. At 20 yards it's more like 3-5" lower on the target. All slugs were shot with the improved cylinder choke as well as the bird shot.

All rounds cycled perfectly through the 930 with zero jams, FTF, or FTE. I even mixed slugs with bird shot and no problems.

Range is crowded on the weekends and cease fires are not called until about every 20-35 minutes so I wasn't able to get in much patterning. I shot 2 rounds of the Hornady Turkey Loads on 2 boards I made. One round was with the Modified Cylinder and the other was the XX Turkey Choke. Here are my results:

Turkey Loads:

Modified Cylinder at close to 40 yards (no I did not shot my vehicle):


Full Turkey Choke at close to 40 yards:


Cylinder Bore (930 SPX 18.5" Barrel a few weeks ago):


Seems like a large spread at that distance... Being a noob is that normal with the chokes? I do admit that this should be the farthest I aim for a turkey. Once I get to the range again I'll get the moveable target to 20 yards and fire and keep a log.


I love my 930 Autoloader. I do. It's freaking sweet. I look at her and she says... Water Monkey.... I'm a bad ass shotgun why don't you just pick me up and take me to the range and lets blast away. She's a reliable beast... Just gots to keeps her clean after each outing and she's butter!


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Nice report. Have you tried different chokes? I have one called the strut stopper by truglo. It's nice n tight.


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Re: 930 SPX converted w/a 24" Turkey Barrel + Ammo Testing

Wow I don't know how I missed this thread. That's not a bad pattern at that range. Fourty yards is stretching it. About 25 is the longest shot I've taken

Nice writeup. Sorry I missed it to offer advice when it was posted

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If you feel that you should be able to do better at 40 yards you can try different loads and if you still don't feel totally satisfied try different choke tubes. Be aware that the tightest constriction does not always give the best results you have to find a good balance between the load and choke.

Also try sever shots at each yardage to make sure one is not just a fluke and that you are getting a pretty consistent pattern.

As a turkey hunter I never feel like I have the best setup, I'm always trying different stuff to try and get those few extra pellets to fall into the kill zone. :D

I've taken two turkeys with my 930, it's a hell of a gun.