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935 magnum



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Check this out;

The 835 chokes will fit your 935 as well. There are 10 pages, but the last half are largely from me with pics and patterns and the occasional editorial and my frustrations too.

Give me a holler with any questions, though I can't advise specifically for waterfowl. I'm guessing you're talking steel shot? Any specialty loads? Some makers have chokes for stuff like Blindside, non ported. The big thing in my mind at the moment is that if its a FliteControl load you'll want non ported. Carlson's extended super steel are supposed to be pretty good but the tightest one is an exit diameter of .727 which is about an extra full. I think that's fine for larger shot but its also listed as a long range tube so with smaller shot it may not be so long range.

I'm here for any other questions.