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935 & TSS


Copper BB
What’s up everyone.

The years turkey season has me wanting to start reaching into tss and away from my Xr. Seeing how it’s been around for a while, I was wondering if any of the fellow 3.5” owners (or anyone at all really) could chime in on putting some #9s down range through the overbore 935 barrel? Any thing to be noted about certain chokes?
I’ve seen videos of the small town hunting boys shooting a .650 and .660 which seems pretty tight. My turkey mag came with a ported ulti-full turkey tube @ .695 and my manual states “mossberg designed and manufactured this highly specialized choke tube for #4 & #6 lead shot to yield a high core concentration and high pellet count in a 20 inch circle at 30 yards”.

Im wondering if anyone has any real world testing before I shell out the money for a jebbs .660 and some tss.