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935 Waterfowl/Turkey Combo Ejection Problems

I purchase a new 935 turkey/ waterfowl combo for this March spring turkey hunt. Took it to the range to check out the pattern spread at 25 yards. I used two turkey loads which were Hornady 12 gauge heavy magnum #5 three inch and Winchester's supreme high velocity 12 gauge three inch #6 shot. When the shotgun fires it does not eject the shell and has to be manually done every time it fires. It's very frustrating because I'm going have to go back to ole reliable 500 pump for this season if not rectified. I've cleaned and lubed the shotgun prior and after the range and still same results. I hope it's a easy fix and do not have to shipped to Texas. Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


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Ejection issues are the earmark of underpowered ammo, especially when the shotguns are brand new. I'd run a few boxes of 3.5" mag loads through it to break in the action and then try it again with the 3" shells...


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Gun actions get smother over time as the parts mate together and surfaces smooth out. I'm with LES, run some heavier loads for a while then try it.

Are you sure you got it really clean? I had similar issues with my 930 and it took a couple really good cleanings before it really started working. My gun turned into a single shot on the skeep range because the cold weather caused the factory grease to gel up.

I'm not challenging your cleaning skills, just highlighting a common problem with te 93x series.
Thanks for responding I'll give it a try the next time I go out to the range. Thanks for asking about the cleaning of the shotgun. LOL. My military training or OCD makes me clean every gun I own thoroughly after every time after the range or after hunting trip.

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Can you describe the issue? You shoot and the empty stays in the chamber with the action still closed? You shoot and the empty gets stuck with action open and next shell is ready to cycle but stuck on lifter?