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940 Handguard

I'm am currently looking to get two new guns in the next couple of weeks.

Both of them possibly being Mossberg.

One of them is the 940 Pro Tactical.

Before I buy it I'm just curious are there any options on the market for a tactical handguard?

I'm looking for an M-LOK front handguard for the 940 but so far I can't find anything.
Nothing that I'm aware of. There have been a few random offerings for the 930 over the years, but they've all but disappeared. Closest that you'll find is the m-lok barrel clamp on the 940 Pro Tactical.
As buyobuyo mentioned there is not much out there for the Mossy semi autos. There are few companies that offer internal components but the 940 has most of these upgrades already.
GG&G have some external bits and pieces for the 940. Good quality products from GG&G in my opinion.
Good Luck and please post some pics.
I would like to see someone make either the A300 equivalent with a few M-lok slots at the front or an adaptor for the Magpul Zukhov (? did I spell that right) forend like the 1301 has.