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940 Pro Tactical


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I like mine. My boss has an automatic clay thrower with a wobbler, a vendor has another and I have a foot activated one. We make clay pidgeon storms to empty the magazine tubes with.

- Holosun 507K sight
- Magpul MS4 sling
- Esstac 7 round velcro shotgun cards
- Modified choke installed for clays

I’m left handed, I make every gun ambidextrous so my right handed daughter (and others) can use it too. Ambi mods:

- Drilled Noveske QD cups into both sides of stock
- BCM QDs on both sides of barrel clamp
- Surefire M640DF light on 1” picatinny ring clamp

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Hey all.
Picked up one of these this past week.
I've put a couple dozen rounds through it over the weekend, and while - in general - I like it, here are the troubles I have experienced:
1) From the factory, you're supposed to be able to eject rounds from the magazine by depressing the elevator and the bolt release at the same time. Mine did not - the release button didn't have enough play to fully pull the shell stop off the brass base, and the elevator lip had a bit of a bump impeding the shell's exit, as well. I have largely fixed this with a little cautious sanding: the back end of the bolt release is now sanded at a 15-20 degree angle and can rock far enough back to fully clear the brass, and the elevator lip got touched up lightly to smooth off the bump. A little more and it will allow the shell to fully clear - As it stands, the shell still needs a jostle from my thumb.
2) My barrel clamp (with my factory-installed Choate extension, not Nordic like some folks have claimed to have received) drives the extension and barrel apart, leaving a kink in the tube approximately where the extension and magazine meet inside the nut. This prevents the follower from passing that section of the magazine, and limiting the number of shells you can put in to 4 or 5 if you do it while the clamp is installed. Take the clamp off, load it, and reinstall the clamp and it will not feed - the spring and follower get hung p at that aforementioned kink. I've even swapped followers and spring, thinking a shorter follower might resolve the issue, and got the same results.
It seems like this is not a problem everyone is having, though; Not a whiff of it on the usual suspect YT channels, and outside of the Reddit thread I stumbled across no hint of these troubles, either - it makes me think this may be an issue limited to a specific production run(s).
I've contacted Mossberg and we're discussing sending the shotgun in for warranty service - I've included detailed instructions on recreating my issues for them, so hopefully they can track down the issues and get it fixed up right.
In the meantime, for anyone else who has one - Do you have any of the above issues? If you remove your barrel clamp, does the magazine extension run pretty parallel to the barrel, or does it rise up to meet the bottom of the muzzle? If you are, what have you done, or what has Mossberg done, to remedy these issues for you?


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I’m not here to be a Debbie Downer but in my opinion any devise that has to be removed prior to or to facilitate disassembly is not a good idea. Shotgun disassembly should be straight forward with no tools required. This may be an outdated philosophy.
I get the increased capacity issue but you need to get a factory solution that works or iterate to a custom solution that works.
Simplicity is a good thing.


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I agree with above - however the only pass I give is on barrel clamps since they do necessitate a lot of magazine extensions (newer 590's and 870's in general) - on my 870 the factory extension/barrel clamp is just a phillips head and my Magpul clamp on my 590 (which gives me ambi QD's) is just an allen wrench so not too bad - is it a little more annoying to takedown/disassemble, sure, but for real world uses its fine.