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A third police officer has died in Eastern Kentucky.


Average Guy
He was the K-9 handler for the dog who died earlier at the scene on Thursday. He was taken off life support on Friday.

That makes three officers killed, and one K-9 plus four officers also wounded in one shootout with one crazed man being served a DV warrant.

This is just absolutely horrible. I can't imagine how one man can create that carnage.
:link: Sheriff: Officers killed in KY shooting ‘encountered hell’ | Lexington Herald Leader (kentucky.com)

PRESTONSBURG, KY. Police who went to a home in a small Eastern Kentucky town to investigate an alleged rape ran into a storm of bullets in which three officers died and several others were injured, according to local officials. One local official described the scene as a “war zone.” Two officers died Thursday and the third died late Friday. On Friday, the morning after the deadly confrontation, Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt said it appeared the alleged killer, Lance Storz, was laying in wait and that he opened fire on officers without warning.

“They encountered pure hell,” Hunt said. “They had no chance.” Police had received a complaint Thursday that Storz had assaulted a woman, held her against her will and raped her. The woman had obtained an emergency protection order against Storz and officers were going to serve it at his home in Allen, a small town ringed by hills a few miles from Prestonsburg, local officials said. When Storz shot at the officers it set off an hours-long confrontation. Police from several other local, state and federal agencies responded to help, Hunt said. It was a chaotic, deadly scene. County Attorney Keith Bartley, who was there, said it was “raining bullets.” He said he could tell from the sounds of the shots that the shooter had more than one gun, including what sounded like high-velocity firearms.

Hunt said one officer had to crawl underneath his cruiser to try to avoid a barrage of gunfire and Drago, a German Shepherd drug-detection dog in an officer’s car, was killed.

“If that’s not a war zone, I don’t know what is,” Bartley said. Police exchanged gunfire with the shooter. The officers who died Thursday evening were William Petry, a retired state police officer working as a deputy for the Floyd County Sheriff’s office, and Ralph Frasure, a captain with the Prestonsburg Police Department. Officer Jacob Chaffins, with the Prestonsburg police, was critically wounded. The department announced on Facebook late Friday that he had died. Police did not release the names of the injured officers.

Of the three other wounded officers, police said one had been released after treatment at a hospital and two others were hospitalized in stable condition. During the standoff, police made attempts to negotiate with Storz, according to local officials. Family members also got involved in an effort to get him to surrender. State police said Storz was eventually taken into custody outside his home. The woman who sought the protective order against Storz and a child were taken to a shelter, police said.

Storz was initially charged with two counts of murder of a police officer, four counts of attempted murder of a police officer, one additional count of attempted murder involving an emergency management official who was shot, and one count of assault on a service animal, according to court records.

That was before Chaffins died. That charge will be upgraded to murder. Storz was arraigned in Floyd County District Court Friday morning, where District Judge Eric Hall entered a not guilty plea on his behalf and set his bond at $10 million. His face appeared to be bruised. Trooper Matt Gayheart, a spokesman for state police, said he was not aware if Storz had been injured during the arrest.

Bartley, who was emotional after Storz was arraigned, said more charges are expected to be filed. “These are people with children and spouses, moms and dads,” Bartley said of the officers. “Their worlds will never be the same.” The officers who died were dedicated public servants, Gayheart said. “It’s heartbreaking,” he said. “They served their community well.” Bartley’s office will handle prosecution in the case until it moves to circuit court. The murder of a police officer is a death-penalty offense, but Bartley said it would be up to Commonwealth’s Attorney Brent Turner to decide whether to prosecute the case as a capital crime.

Residents in Allen said the shoot-out was frightening. Robert Anderson said he didn’t feel safe inside his brick home with bullets flying. He went outside and huddled on the side of the house away from the gunfire, putting more walls between him and the shooter. “I thought we were in Afghanistan or something,” Anderson said. Anderson’s neighbor, Rob Brown, said he and other family members squeezed into a bathroom as gunfire echoed through town. It sounded like the shooter was close, and several bullets hit the outside of his concrete-block house, he said. “I was a friggin’ nervous wreck,” Brown said.

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This is a case where "suicide-by-cop" should be mandatory dept. policy. ;) The perp will NOT walk away! Instead, million$ will be spent trying an obviously guilty man. :rolleyes: Same goes with all the other guilty loonies rotting in jail--firing squad then clean their cell...
This happened not too far from me.

I'm not condoning the mans actions.

But, it doesn't surprise me a lot either.

I expect it to start becoming a more common occurrence unfortunately with the recent passage of federal laws giving states bribe money to enact red flag laws.
I would not classify this at all as a red flag confiscation. He was an accused rapist and kidnapper.

This would have had nothing in the slightest with going to take his guns into temporary custody. He had an arrest warrant for a felony. Not a seizure order from a judge to take his guns based simply on a red flag to protect the community.

Sorry John, but this was not a red flag seizure.
Story I heard on the local news said domestic violence warrant.

I don't know anything about rape and kidnapping.

If it's in the link you put in the OP, I apologize that I didn't read it. The lexington herald is the newspaper equivalent to a cnn leftist rag and is only fit to be used as spare/reserve toilet paper.

According to Floyd County Sheriff John Hunt, deputies were trying to serve a court-issued warrant in a domestic violence situation.

Despite online rumors, Floyd County Judge-Executive Robbie Williams confirmed this was “never a hostage situation”, and the woman and child who lived at the home were not at home at the time of the incident.

I got that information from the local news. They tend to be really careful about posting accurate information. It's in the article below the news segment.

I don't know anything for sure, John.

From scoop's post (post #2). Lots of conflicting information getting out from the news outlets.

Police had received a complaint Thursday that Storz had assaulted a woman, held her against her will and raped her.

Even if she was not at home at the time it sure sounds like kidnapping and rape.
What a horrible deal. I saw a little of this in the news but I didn’t see anything in the paper (being 2000 miles away from Kentucky.)

We had a similar case of kidnapping/rape/dv a few years back, and when the police caught up with this guy he was holed up in a little travel trailer On the edge of Minkler CA (population 63.)

He wouldn’t come out and they put about 500 rounds of .223 & a couple dozen 12 ga slugs through that trailer. It looked like Swiss cheese, and the perp probably did too, when they pulled him out.

Didn’t hear a damn noise about gun control from the ladies after they shot that rapist.
They cannot just take care of business to save the taxpayers. Instead they’re going to have a million dollar show trial, so that people will know that the government is doing something with all their money.