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Accu Riser 6000 Cheek Pad


.270 WIN
I always have thought that a good red-dot,holographic or similar sight device can be a good advantage when making quick shoots on moving targets with a shotgun.Tactically speaking I think it is called fast target adquisition.
When I installed Eotech sight in my Mossberg 500,I had problems to align the eye with the center of the sight device.The reason,the shotgun was designed for the use of open sights.I needed to find a comb raiser to get a proper alignment of the eye with the center of the optic sight.I made some Google-work and finally found Accu Riser 6000,manufactured by Gary Fatherree"The Leatherman" in Carlisle,PA.

I received the item in one week,from USA to Spain.Very reasonable price (34 USD),good quality and perfect fit with the stock.A picture of the items inside the box:


Kit includes two interchangeable rubber pads, 1/2" and 1", that snap onto the hard molded nylon base. This allows an increase to the comb of the stock from 5/8" to 1 1/8" which will correct most eye alignment problems with rifles and shotguns that are not designed for use with optic sights or large belled optic sights. Base can be temporarily mounted with supplied velcro cinch strap and double sided tape or mounted more permanently with supplied two #8 screws by drilling two 5/64" holes in stock and fastening with screws on top of base. Rubber pads snap over top to give unit a clean custom look as part of the stock.


I decided to use the two#8 screws to mount the comb raiser.It fits perfectly with 500´s stock.
Now, the moment to make a test.Switch on the Eotech.Close the eyes.Get the shotgun in shooting position making a solid cheek weld.Open the eyes....and it results in perfect eye alignment with Eotech reticle.


I ordered another Accu Riser 6000 for my Mossberg 695,12ga. bolt action.In this case,I installed the lower rubber pad to fit the Hakko Panorama bed-40.Automatically,you get quick eye alignment with the reticle.
You can change from one rubber pad to another in seconds.
(Note:I cut one inch from the 500´s stock.I´ll do the same with 695´s stock )

Also, I made a try with my Traditions Yukon .50 cal muzzleloader


The Manufacturer´s link:


If you have an optic sight installed,take a look.It´s worth while doing it.

More pictures....



So, it would be safe to say that this is a good product and you approve? :p
You have a great bunch of firearms and it seems like this is a very versatile addition to any firearms owner.


.270 WIN
You can make sure that this item has a high quality-price ratio.This is one of those things in what you get more than what you paid for it. :)
First I fixed the cheek pad with the double sided tape.After testing it,then I decided to drill the stock.....to fix it permanently.
The 45-70 Marlin doesn´t belong to me.I like this cartridge and gun.


I am glad this is one item that is on the better side of the ratio! Not many companies will make a product and price it with the customer's wallet in mind!
I was going to ask you where you go that rail for the Lever haha but it isn't yours :/