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Aimpoint Pro Versus Home Fire


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I thought this was interesting. It was impressive that after the fire and subsequently sitting sometimes in frozen water that it still turned on. Aimpoint is sending him a free replacement.



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That is just amazing. I have three Aimpoints on my work rifles (a Micro T-1, a PRO and a CompM4s) and I would never have imagined that these things are built THAT TOUGH and capable of surviving all that including the months afterwards buried in ice.

Says a lot about Duracell or Energizer that the battery didn't crap either.


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Wow, that is some amazing design and quality of materials. I will definitely rethink my next purchase and consider shelling out the extra $$ for the Aimpoint.

No. Primary Arms.

They are the toughest on the block.

I love my PA optics!!