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All Dressed Up and No Place To Go


Pourin down rain and thunderin like taters on a steel drum. I got one of those Allen foot operated clay traps. I was hoping to go to the range but it will be a mudhole. I think I will be patient. Whining never helps. I have to go soon though. I got the Maverick 12 ga., and 2 extra barrels, one of which is a 20" that now sports a Tru Glo Titan Adjustable Choke. I have not shot either of the new barrels nor the choke. I got the shotgun on
12-12-16. I ordered the new barrels shortly after. I fired the original 28" barrel 3 times...got 3 squirrels. Then I started having to make all those trips to the doc. Now I need to get back out there. I'm ready.

Here is the Amazon ad picture of the trap. Not the most expensive. I don't shoot much anymore but i needed something to pass the time.