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American Stuffers

So who here watches American Stuffers on Animal Planet?

I'm not sure I agree with the whole concept of getting your pets mounted, however, I've always been interested in taxidermy. I think it's a informative show, I just wish they'd show more about wild game instead of dogs and cats. Still, I'm sitting here watching it...
I havent even heard of this show, though I have seen some shows like "Tabboo" I think where some pet owners had animals stuffed and mounted.

I wouldnt do it...
I first heard of the show via commercial while watching Finding Bigfoot. As a college student I have a lot of free time to watch piss-poor TV shows lol.
I saw the thread title and was hoping this was a new show on black powder hunting/shooting.

I really don't have much interst in hearing about people getting their pets mounted. If there is some instructional value to the show I might be inclined to watch it.