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Another Clint Smith video


The Original Sheriff
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I thoroughly enjoy watching this guy!

I've fortunately never had an unrealistic expectation of how a fight would go. People laugh at me even when I tell them if I had to fight now that I've got a good 30 seconds in me and maybe enough to go a minute. Reason I think that, I used to fight a lot in school. That is until I started wrestling. And while I'm not beat down and busted to the extent of Clint Smith, I prefer a gun now for similar reasons. I know I can't win a hand to hand fight anymore. I used to be able to take a full punch to the face. Never got knocked down. No one ever knocked me down playing hockey or in a fight. But I'm not banking on that anymore.

Clint smith seemingly has the knowledge and experiences of more than one lifetime.


I'm Your Huckleberry
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Everyone is superman until they get punched in the face!

Only been in a handful actual fights in my lifetime, all when I was a kid. Only shot I ever took to the face was being jump in a bathroom at school and I never saw it coming. Everything else was as Clint described, a grappling match that was won by whoever had the most stamina or or was able to pin the other. None last more than a few seconds.

I go out of my way to avoid physical confrontation. Better to walk away letting the other person think they won verbal altercation then to escalate it to a shooting match.