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Anyone else keep a 410 handy for home defense?

I bought a 410 cruiser-style pump (pistol grip, no stock) right after the Winchester PDX1 410 ammo came out.

I wanted something that I could shoot indoors (without complete wrecking my ears) that also can be used as a club if needed, and gives me the ability to rack it using the sound as a deterrent (just because i'd rather scare off a burglar than have to clean house or deal with paperwork).

Also my gf at the time was 5'3" and weighed 95 lbs on a "fat" day. She could handle a 410, but not a 12ga and even a 20 was a bit much for her. Her dad kept a 410 as the "truck gun" on their family ranch, so she and her mom could easily grab and shoot it.

I'm just curious if anyone else here does the same? I'm looking at making a few custom accessories for mine, and wondering what kinds of things any 410 users might wish existed but cant buy because nobody makes them.

Elbert Garrett

I have in the past, the .410 is a very capable round.
Winchester`s 000 was my HD shell of choice, it give me the best consistent pattern in close quarters. Hornady`s Critical Defense also performed well.

John A.

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A lot of people underestimate the 410. I personally always enjoyed shooting a 410 myself. It's what bore I learned to shoot a shotgun with. So, I had a lot of time with it growing up.

While it wouldn't really be my first choice (or probably even my 4th) for HD, you seldom hear anyone on the wrong end of it saying they're ineffective.

Truth is, it matters none what you use to deliver a handful of pellets at 1200+ fps with.

That's going to make someone wish they hadn't gotten out of bed and if they have time, think about some of their poor life choices.


It'll kill something just as dead as anything else will.


Guns and motorcycles seem to go hand and hand. The thinking of those that use them are also very similar bigger is better. The fact is sometimes bigger is better, sometimes it's not. One needs to be able to control the gun or the motorcycle, usually in high stress situations.

I don't have a .410. I went to Academy years ago looking for one for HD and they didn't have one in stock. I ended up with a Maverick 88 in 20ga. I like the 88, but would have been happy with a .410 also.

Like John said, at the distances for HD it will kill.