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Anyone use Rechargable batteries in their optics

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I have a bunch of the rayovacs, but the newer energizers have something like 2300 mha's while the rov's have 1200.


I never had luck with rechargeable batteries...tbey always died so fast that i got sick of constantly recharging them. I used rayovac....
I have been burned by rechargeables in the face of a forest fire more than once.

We get $1200 portable radios that can take a rechargeable or they can use a clam shell full of AA's of your choice even rechargeable

Almost no one uses the rechargeables anymore , the best set up we found is packing two clam shells with lithium energizers.....one clam shell last about half the summer on regular use, the rechareables can be half the incident but usually give up after the first couple hours so....unacceptable unless you have five and the don't go out while your directing helicopter drops
These radios keep us alive, make everything happen......next to no one uses rechargeaboes unless they are new but they all eventually switch

Not using one on my gun ever, but I see extreme value if someday you can't roll down to the store to buy AA's


I've recently realized a longtime goal of having all my important gear use AA batteries. My optic on my AR's is the Meprolight Tru-Dot RDS (1xAA) and my weapons light is the Colt 400 lumen WML that uses 2xAA's (or 1xAA if you want it shorter w/200 lumen output). All my other gear (lights, radios, GPS, etc) all run on AA's except for the small MFT Torch nav light on my AR's & Mossberg Shockwave.
I use lithiums and Eneloop rechargeables only and have a couple of flexible AA solar chargers 'just in case'. I've attached a photo of one of my AR's along w/my pre-modification Shockwave.




I really like that Colt carbine you showed there!

Thx! I'm afraid all that's left of the original 6920 at this point is the lower receiver & buffer tube! It's taken a couple of years of experimentation to arrive at this point. Had I known then what I know now, I would have used a BCM 14.5" lightweight upper instead of the 16".


ETA: Here's another shot of the same rifle w/a different buttstock better showing the Colt AA WML: