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Anyone using a red dot on their 510?


Copper BB
When I first got my 510 I mounted a TruGlo TG8230 3 color dot on a UTG rail and took it to the range with high hopes. I fired 4 slugs and really liked it. After reloading though, shouldered it and no dot....looking closer I found the tube with the internals had broken loose. I was able to return it no problem, but have wondered since if I should have gotten a replacement instead. Firing 20 ga slugs out of a 5 lb. shotgun definitely gives an extra oomph (thanks Limbsaver!), but I have seen a few other posts of similar, but not rampant instances of the same thing and kind of wonder if I just got one of the bad ones.

Do any of you have any red dot experiences on your 510 to share?

I don't have a red dot on mine, I have the hi viz turkey sight. No batteries. No worries.
It's aluminum and plastic. Seems sturdy enough.
Hmm...I don't have a picture of it at the moment.