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Are you a Run and Gunner, or a field edge camper?


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For me , I let the conditions of where I am hunting dictate where I hunt. Both methods work well and depending on the time of season, one method will work better than another.
I have found that if the toms are still with the hens, typically the first part of the season, field edges are where the action is at. The toms follow the hens all day and the hens drift in and out the fields to feed. I call less when I am on a field edge and setup so I can see the bird from a long way off and call according to his reactions to my calling.
Later in the season, as the hens start nesting and the toms get lonely, I prefer to run and gun. This is my favorite time of the season. I hit the big woods, cover alot of ground, do alot of calling, and most of my successes are close enough that a 2 3/4" field load would work just as well. I setup to where as soon as I can see the bird, I can shoot him.
If it is raining, I camp on field edges. The birds go to the fields because all the noise and motion that a rain storm causes makes them nervous and they stay drier out in an open field where there is less stuff to brush up against and let the water in under their feathers.
I do what I need to do based on the area and turkey movement.

The last two years I've had pretty good luck seeing birds using my pop up blind on the edge of a field.

When I hunt with a bow I prefer a blind due to the added movement required to shoot. Hunting with a gun I like a blind but it is not needed in all areas. I won't lug it around with me while running and gunning but if I have a spot scoped out that I think is going to be promising I may try to sneak in and set it up.

I'll start out using the blind this year in a spot where I've have seen turkeys moving on a regular basis. I'll adjust as needed.