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Behind the door guns ??


unfortunately this true in alot of areas......................but they try that crap up here the out come will be alot different. For one our police WILL NOT put up with that crap

Sorta same here, we have no police. We have a county Sheriff who may be 5 minutes or 45 minutes away depending. Our little "town" of 300 "self regulates" real well. Theres lots of woods and wood chippers. We anticipate full participation of community in repelling boarders.FB_IMG_1592378184984.jpg

Yacol J

.270 WIN
I grew up with a JC Higgins 12ga in parents bedroom closet .Dad told me not to touch it and I didn't , I knew what it did to rabbits. Not behind a door but my Mossberg is ready
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Nice! Heard more gun fire this weekend. Automatic fire this go round. I gotta get my daughter and I out of here a.s.a.p. Officers found shell casings, but can't get these thugs out of our neighborhood.
My wife has a S/W Shield in 9 mm that she has taken to carrying and I’ve got it on my honey do list to buy, build or make a place for her to keep it when she comes up to visit. (She has her own house where she lives with her daughters family, about 100 miles south of here..) so that will give me something to do in my spare time..lol