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Being Axed For Burgers?


.50 BMG
A McDonald’s restaurant was ripped up by this hatchet wielding lunatic. He didn’t kill anybody but he scared the snot out of everyone and tore up the restaurant pretty bad.

He did go to jail.

For the weekend. Almost . . .

BUT, Now he feels he paid his debt to society!

How do you feel?
should his photograph be on the door of every McDonald’s restaurant?

They basically just let the guy go with the ticket and no bail money. I guess that way they don’t have to feed him and he can eat by praying on society, because who the hell would give this guy a job?
It looked like the clerk was going to give the pistol back to the robber. I suppose had a bystander shot axe man they would be in jail.
I keep thinking of the sceen in Falling Down with Michael Douglas