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Best full length stock for 18.5"

I've been the Shockwave and pistol grip route with Mossbergs and the recoil management is just not acceptable to me for a HD weapon or any other use. I intend to put a shoulder stock on my very old but perfect running Maverick 88. I'm interested in opinions on what stock brand to go with. Mossberg's OEM stock is too long for me and a lot of other people. Suggestions solicited.

There are a multitude of different stocks, including different length OEM stocks, available. However, the first logical step is to determine what Length of Pull (LOP) you need especially given you saying the current stock is to long.

Plus stocks can be shortened fairly easily.

Take a look at the Mesa Tactical pistol grip stock. I have one on an 870 and it feels very nice.
For a Mav88? Hogue 12" LOP no question and get the matching forend - the set is usually $10 more than the stock alone - Although on a Mav you may only need the stock as they come with a pinned forend so you'd need a 7 3/4 action tube to use Hogue's

I agree on the Shockwave I just sold mine - Since I run stocks with about 12" LOP on my SG's (all set up for defense needs) the birds head grip to me presents just about as compact as a full length 18" barrel - 4" of barrel sticking out isn't the biggest deal to me but having the balance and natural training aiming of a full stocked weapon it made more sense to get rid of it -

And to be honest, running the Hogue Tamer pistol grip on the 18" Mav88, shoots more naturally than the birds head grip does - I tend to shoot very square with my elbows tucked in (primary training is AR so that carries over for shotgun for me) so "winging out" my arm/elbow to aim the Shockwave was not a natural motion for me -