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Best Sling Mount to Attach Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Pt Combat Sling to Mossberg 5901 A1 (51660)

I just acquired a Mossberg 590A! (51660 20") and have opted for a Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Pt Combat Sling. The firearm is intended for home defense. Are the Magpul Forward Sling Mount – Mossberg® 590A1
and Magpul SGA Receiver Sling Mount – Mossberg 500/590/590A1 SGA Stock (MAG492) the way to go re mounting the sling? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks..
Will you describe what is the reason for wanting a 2-point sling?

What other shooting techniques do you plan for?

Tactical? Range training? General target shooting? What is your experience with a fighting shotgun?

How many rounds have you already put thru a 12-ga pump, and what other slings have you already tried and discarded?

These details matter.
Thank you for your response and questions.. The primary purpose is home defense. As my experience w/ a tactical shotgun is limited I do anticipate a training course. The type of shooting after that is to be determined - however tactical is of interest. My first shotgun as a teenager was a Mossberg 500. I have prior familiarization firing of a Remington 870 pump as a former Marine. More recently I have fired a LOT of 12 ga rounds (trap shooting) through my son's 12 ga. over/under. Again as a former Marine (long time ago at this point) i do confess to a nostalgia factor influencing my selection of a 590A1 and BFG Vickers sling. Upon "researching" best tactical shotgun slings - 2-points seem to get the nod. I am not in receipt of the sling yet so any guidance re attachment much appreciated..
Stephen, first and foremost welcome to the forum.

Your question on attachment points is appropriate and in most cases tends to drive sling selection.

I fully agree that a two point sling is the best choice over a single point or three point for the applications you described above. That said the real issue is how the gun hangs, the ability to immediately mount the gun and the flexibility to transition the weapon out of the way as you do other tasks. Using typical shotgun or rifle mounting point your gun, when hanging across your chest, it will tend to flop over or even hang upside down. For tactical use I found it best to have the rear attachment point on top of the stock. Many use paracord but given the hollow stock you can actually insert a hard mounting point. This mounting point assure the weapon is easily transition to your shooting position plus it allows you to swing the gun behind your back to facilitate other tasks.

The front mounting point really depends on what other accessories, like a weapons light, your plan to mount, it's location and if you're either a right handed or left handed shooter. That said, no matter the mounting point it should facilitate transitioning from strong side to weak side operations depending on the tactical situation.

There are a number of aftermarket front sling attachment mounts. Many of us use ones from GG&G but you should look across the board.

Guess the bottomline recommendation is focus on how you're going to use the gun, what accessories you plan to mount, the best way to carry it for tactical operations, and where are the best mounting points. Paracord is cheap and you can mockup several configurations to see which one works best for you. Once you've sorted all this out then try a couple of cheap slings to see how they actually operate. If at that point you want to move to a highend sling it's much easier to select the right one.

Edit: The other issue is sound. Many of these newer sling have attachment clips that bang against the weapon and make noise. If you select one of these there are methods to make them silent including ranger bands.

There was a recent threat that discussed many simular aspects. You might search the forum.

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Thank you so much lot's to think about..

At this point I intend to keep it basic w/ no accessories such as a weapons light.

Hypothetically.. If I we're to proceed w/ the BFG Vickers sling - which does not come w/ mounting hardware; and I were to go w/ the Magpul forward and receiver mounts - and assume I go Magpul across the board - would the only additional item required to connect sling to the mounts be their paraclip? I've added the Magpul inks to all three items.




I'll certainly look into GG&G also..

Thanks again!
Alternatively to Magpul the GG&G the Mossberg 590 Front and Rear Sling Attachments do look like a good choice. Again what item required to complete connection of sling to the attachments?
Stephen, the hardware you're looking at looks solid. Two points for your consideration:

1. I'd really recommend a weapons mounted light for home defense or other tactical opertions. Positive identification paramount!

2. The rear receiver mounting point is certainly an option but before buying I'd mock it up with paracord loop. The mounting point tends to make off handed operations more difficult due to the rear attachment point and the fact that you're using a shortened sling length. Not saying it can't be done but in a tactical situation you are typically transitioning from strong side to weak side operations many times as you clear obstacles and doorways. You want a completely smooth transition and not being required to reposition your sling length back and forth. Takes time and you tend to lose focus.

The other guy, nitesite, who first responded to your thread is a long time law enforcement officer who can certainly provide some real world urban insights. My background is military special operations so a little different prespective than his. Hopefully he'll chime in.

Good luck. I suspect you'll make some changes as you go along especially if you take some hard core tactical training classes.

Stephen, I'm using this GG&G mount with a TLR-1 HL light directly attached to the rail. Works very well by using your thumb to activate.

The cheap and effective way to attach a sling is using a paracord cord through the top mount loop but most any snap link will also work. Paracord is totally silent. But you can wrap a snap link with grip tape or use a ranger band to prevent banging. Which every works best for you.

Thank you Ernst.. Re rear attachment where you say above "for tactical use I found it best to have the rear attachment point on top of the stock. Many use paracord but given the hollow stock you can actually insert a hard mounting point." I've looked and haven't been able to locate the hardware for attachment to top of a synthetic stock. I did find an article that recommended the Noveske Flush Mount Push-Button Quick Detach Universal Sling Mount for Polymer Stocks - installed via drilling hole in side of the stock - suggesting placement relatively high on the stock. Any specific hardware recommendation for a top mount?
Stephen, you certainly can use a flushed mounted quick connect. However, a simpler and cheaper way is to drill a small hole from the top of your stock down into the hollow protion (after taking the butt plate off). Placement of this hole is up to you. Then take a short piece of parcord and make a loop. Using a wire pull the loop through the hole from the inside until the knot is flush up against the inside of the stock. The hole needs to be small enough to insure the paracord stays in place and you can size the loop to have whatever amount sticking out you desire. The good thing about this method is the small loop doesn't interfer with operations even if you don't have the sling attached.

The other method is to simply build a "bridle" using paracord or tublar webbing that wraps around the butt end of the stock. Then you use the existing sling eye mount on the bottom to secure the bridle in place with a small loop. Finally, you simply tie a loop at the top into which you fasten your sling.

All these methods will work so it's really your choice as to which one works best for you to get the attachment point to the top of the stock.

Again as I suggested above you can mock up both the front and rear attachment points with paracord to see what works best . On the front simply loop paracord around the post that connects the barrel and the mag tube. Many simple use this front post loop as their premanent attachment point.

Lot of this is old school methods going back to the Vietnam era but they are both simple and work.

Hopefully my words explain the process?

The bridle looks like a way to go.. I see commercially available several buttstock adaptors for $16-17 that provide offer a top attachment point. Assume that similar to functionality of a bridle?
As was said above that once I commenced tactical training that my initial slong configuration would evolve.

With that in mind I’ve decided to go basic initially using a magazine cap w/ sling swivel as my front attachment. Then factory swivel stud on bottom of stock as rear attachment point.

I took delivery of the firearm today and found it to already be so equipped.

I’ve ordered two BFG Heavy Duty Side Release Swivels 1.25”.

However.. I just noted w/ the cap fully tightened the holes point up and down vs. sideways - therefore the swivel will be on the side of the barrel/magazine tube vs. under.

Is that the way supposed to be? If so, it would somewhat replicate the Magpul mount I see on sale at every site.

I saw an older thread here discussing same issue and fixes mentioned were using washers, aluminum shims, etc. I am, I think safe to say, the least DIY capable member on the forum..

Ya’ll have been awesome any further advice/help way appreciated!
So circling back to a more tactical configuration as initially discussed above if I went w/ a top mounted rear attachment and a left side front attachment (I'm a righty) - I'd be tactically configured right?
That is 100% correct

2-point is better by far than 1-point or 3-point. If you want to carry cross chest it is imperative to have the rear attachment on TOP of the buttstock. A front mount point that is on the side is just fine.

You are thinking in the right direction.
Thank you again.. BFG was kind enough to allow me to cancel my order of side release swivels. So I'm thinking go w/ their A2 Buttstock Adapter to establish a rear top attachment - then follow through your paracord recommendation to determine front attachment point. From what I know at this point looks like a "Magpul Forward Sling Mount – Mossberg® 590A1" a good option as it's designed specifically for a 590A1.
So at this point my conceptual front to rear configuration is looking to be:

Magpul Forward Sling Mount – Mossberg® 590A1 > Blue Force Gear ULock > Blue Force Gear Vickers 2-Pt Combat Sling > Blue Force Gear ULock > Blue Force Gear A2 Buttstock Adapter. Again the BFG A2 provides a rear top attachment.

Ernst - I haven't forgotten about the light..
Stephen, think you're on the right track. Wish more folks actually went through the thought process you've done over the last few days. And, I suspect you will further refine both your gear and certainly your techniques once you take some training and after hours of practice. Sometimes moving an attachment point even an inch or two makes big differences.

Beyond the light you mentioned many of us have used the ESSTAC velcro backed 7 round shot cards. These are easy to remove and replace plus one of the brands that actually holds up. Depending on the training classes you take some will require you to carry up to 25 rounds during a shooting session. A cheap dump pouch on your belt will allow you to store extra loose rounds, spare shot cards, and empty cards.

When you get your gun setup include a picture. Good luck!