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Buckshot patterns for a 1988 410 500F pump 26inch bore


Copper BB
I may have the wrong thread, if so direct me correctly please. I just picked up a 1988 500F 410 with a 26 inch bore, barely used...sweet gun. I would like to know if anyone has any pictures or info on the various buckshot sizes used relating to their patterns. I shot my first deer at age 7 with a 410 side by side using triple ought. I am curious to know if the double ought or even #1 or #4 throws a decent pattern and at what distance. I got this gun for my personal rabbit hunting.. but I also have two young daughters that I would love for them to use this for their first deer in a few years.

PS. if I find other threads pertaining to this, I may cross post it.


I get good tight patterns with the Winchester Super-X 000 Buck load out of a slug barrel.


A.J., the first thing I'd determine is what barrel choke you have. This is biggest impact on both your shot spread and effective range.

Second, what length of shell casing will the gun chamber. 410 buckshot can come in 3 inch length casing. Should be denoted on your barrel. Not sure about a 1988 gun?

Finally, given each gun patterns different suggest you buy a variety of shells and pattern the gun at various ranges. That's really the only way you can determine what it will do.