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Buyer/Seller Feedback Thread


If you have bought or sold anything in this forum, please reply to this post listing the other person's forum name, what they were selling/buying, and how your transaction went with the person. If you have a good/bad experience, list it in this thread so other members of MossbergOwners.com can be informed
+1 for reeseman67 - I bought a 930 SPX barrel back on Jan 13. Good transaction, the barrel was mailed as soon as my check was received and I had it in about a week.

(Just found this thread. :-D I rarely look in the "Firearms for Sale" section)
+1 to MikeD for buying a red dot sight from me. Very quick with payment.

I just saw this topic too...
+1 for John A.

Don't see any place to post feedback, so I'm doin' it here.

John kindly offered a deal, negotiated it in a businesslike manner, shipped when he said he would, and everything was exactly as described. Can't beat that with a stick. Thanks, John!
+1 for Rossignol for the mossberg swag

Thanks !!!
+1 for Slade797

Would not hesitate to do business with again.

Thanks again !!!
Re: +1 for John A.

I didn't know there was a feedback thread either.

But I also left positive feedback for Slade.

No worries trading with him :cool:
Re: +1 for John A.

I'll merge this thread with the feedback thread.....

Good to hear positive reports from both parties.
+1 for Itsricmo.

Bought his used Zune music player. Everything arrived and works flawlessly!!
Nice...it's good to see so much positive feedback from our members about our members.
+1 for jblanken64 - Traded 930 barrels and everything went perfectly.
+1 for Itsricmo


+1 for Lazy Eyed Sniper