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Cam pics

John A.

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Dang good sized deer. Glad he got it. I'm sure he's sired a bunch of young bucks over the last several years.

Largest that I've gotten pictures of is a 10 pointer. Most are 6 and 8's.

I'd love to share a couple pictures of him with you, but too many to go through and I didn't rename it unfortunately.

edit: I did save a picture of him.


I want to say this may be the same deer from a few years prior but I cant' be certain *on the left



Well froze my keister this a.m. but had a nice morning didnt end with a kaboom and thats 100% fine. I sat in a comfy chair watching a small plot I put in this summer. I watched a young momma and yearling have breakfast in peace. The trail cam caught some pics(the temp sensor is obvious wackadooddle) . anyhow im in a place now I enjoy seeing the circle continue as much as pullin a trigger anymore. Brisk quite morning warm sun breaking thru trees talk to God time watching nature do its thing yup all good. Did i think hmm pop momma then yearling meat in freezer briefly yes, do i mind if someone else does nope as long as ya take what ya need and use what ya take. I didnt need and look forward to seeing them again :)20181111_102247_HDR.jpg 20181111_102135.jpg