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Can I edit My Posts?


Copper BB
Being a little dense, I sometimes post and then see a typo I missed or I forgot to link to something relevant.

I have not been able to edit my own posts. I did see a tools pull-down menu that allows me to edit the title of my post but not the content.

I just want to be sure I did not overlook the edit button.

Thanks to all who do the hard work to keep the forum going.


Not dense at all, sir. Every site has different features and limitations.

First of all, the answer may depend on what type of access you have to this site.

If you are using a computer [as I am]
then you will see a line at the bottom of your message that looks like:

Scoop, Yesterday at 1:56 PM Edit Report

If you are using a phone, I don't know if Edit is available.

If you want to change your message, click on the word Edit and a new window will open up that you can delete, change and add to the text.

If you are using a phone, let me know and I'll try that out and let you know.

Try that out and let us know if that helps you out.

And a big WELCOME to Mossberg Owners to you from East TN.