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can't pull pump back to eject expended shell.


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I dry fired it 4 or 5 times. The "click" didn't sound real "crisp" (for lack of a better word).

Most of my shotguns don't make a crisp "click" sound when the hammier drops. It is more dull sounding. Normal.

I live inside city limits and have no vehicle to go anyplace that i can fire it but will try to catch ride this week if I can find place to go.... But after getting it back together, it seemed to cycle the shells ok. I'll post again as soon as I can go fire it again.

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elmerfudd, we have a good morning thread for the very purpose of just starting the day with friends. Some days it extends into afternoon and evening. Mostly just depending on when one happens to check in.


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I had the same problem with my maverick. It seems like a great group so I joined.

A very good cleaning and proper lubrication helped but did not fix problem. At this time, I was using challenger hulls. Using reloads, also factory Super X, Remington Nitro 27, and reloads of the above hulls. All of my reloads function fine, as do all factory shells, except for the challenger reloads. I'm calling my problem fixed at this time.

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My new Maverick had some issues with shells getting stuck after being fired. I called Mossberg and they sent me a shell lock and the other lever. Fixed my problem. The ones that came with the gun looked twisted?