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Converting a gas generator to run in propane


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I decided that I wanted to convert my gasoline generatir dual fuel. I.e. convert it to also run on propane. I researched several options fom DIY to very expensive kits I ended up opting for a mid range kit. I was not the cheapest option but I wanted something safe and wanted to make sure all the parts worked together.

The principle is basically to inject propane into the air intake at a controlled rate. The kit comes with a two main compinents, a vacuum operated regulator that cuts off the flow if it loses engine vacuum and a piece that fits between the airbox and the carb to allow the LP to flow into the engine.


Here are all the components of the kit. In addition to the two main parts, it includes a valve, some elbows, carb bolt stud extenders, a hose, zip ties, misc fittings and thread sealer.


Heres the key piece that attaches to the carb.

First I drained all the gass out of the tank (it was OLD rec gas), ran the remaining gas out of the carb and put a new spark plug in it
Next step was to remove the airbox from the carb and install the stud extenders. At this time I also attached one of the hose fittings to the LP injector.


I then installed the LP injector with hose attached and replaced the airbox.


The upper breather hose is too short. The kit comes with an extender. I have not installed it yet.

This is as far as I've gotten so far. Hoping to finish it tonight. So far everything has gone together pretty well; the kit is well thought out and seems to include everything for this model generator.

I orderred the kit from Century Fuel Products if anyone is interrested.

Congratulations buddy!

My only experience with a propane powered vehicle, which was an old forklift, brought me to understand that you must keep the carburetor and regulator warm.

When you are running at full tilt, it’s using propane fast enough to start freezing the internal passages, and then they stop running.

I found this to be true even in the desert, in the summer!

My friend had a forklift that was overheating so he took out the thermostat. This allowed the carb to get cold and freeze, so it wouldn’t run very long.

It would chug a couple times like it was running out of gas and then die. If you let it sit for five minutes the heat from the engine thawed out the carburetor and it would go again, but first thing in the morning when it was cold it was a PITA.

I fixed the problem by flushing out his clogged up radiator, and putting in a good thermostat.

Here’s another tip guys. If you buy a piece of equipment at the auction that’s been a quickly spray painted, you’ll often find they just spray painted dirt right into the radiator.
I installed the gen at my cabin and the propane system works great. I also extended the exhaust outside our generater house.

I did't get pics but will the next trip up.

Having an issue with the gfci outlets tripping every time our pump kicks in. I have found a couple different viable solutions to this that I will be trying soon.
That happens to the GFI on my big aquarium set-up too. There are three heaters in three tanks on the same circuit. I think that if they all kick on at once it causes it to trip. This happens at least once a week, and I will often notice immediately because the water in my big tank next to my easy chair will stop moving.

Depending on the water level in the system, it might puke out of a gallon from the outdoor sump, which is how it’s designed. Big overflows in the big tank keep it from ever flooding the house.

There’s not enough water in the system to pump the big tank over the top indoors. If you try to put in that much water it will run over outdoors.