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Count Every Vote!


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Then toss the illegal voters in prison for 20 years.

I don’t have any source for this data. But it came up on the Scott Adams forum

Illegal Immigrants Vote Democrat in Colorado

Illegal Immigrants in Colorado used fraudulent state identification cards to vote for Democrats in the 2022 midterm election, said a source at U.S. Army Cyber Command who has been analyzing suspicious election results. Cyber Command, he said, reached this conclusion after reviewing voting station surveillance footage and enlisting the aid of local law enforcement sympathetic to the White Hat movement. On Wednesday Cyber Command reviewed videos taken at three polling stations in Pueblo County, Colorado. Each appeared to show the same conspicuously dressed Hispanic male in his mid-30s filling out ballots. In each instance, the man presented I.D. to election officials before being given a ballot. “At first we didn’t know he’s an illegal and we guessed his race based on the video. He was wearing a cowboy hat, a very loud purple button-up shirt, jeans, and yellow sneakers. Only one of the videos was color, but it was the same guy, and he wasn’t very color coordinated. We used gait recognition software to confirm it,” our source said. Cyber Command, he went on, reached out to a Pueblo County Sheriff’s deputy, a Marine who had fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, and explained they had reason to believe voter fraud had taken place in his county. The video was emailed to the deputy, who lamented Colorado’s voter registration laws—Colorado is unusual in that it allows people to register to vote the day of an election—and said the county’s heavy Hispanic population would make it nearly impossible to find him. The footage, the deputy noted, was too grainy to ascertain names and addresses on the man’s identification cards. He told Cyber Command, however, he’d do his best to help. Our source at Cyber Command would not name the deputy but said, “Make no mistake, we have allies in local law enforcement across the country.” It was the deputy, he added, who considered the possibility that the unknown voter was an illegal immigrant, for many of the county’s homeless shelters were overflowing with illegals that the criminal Biden regime had bussed in from places such as Eagle Pass, Texas, and Nogales, Arizona. The deputy reportedly took it upon himself to visit day shelters and boarding houses Wednesday afternoon, and, by sheer luck, came upon a Hispanic man wearing yellow Under Armor running shoes, $100 sneakers. When the deputy, who spoke conversational Spanish, questioned him, he at first insisted he was an American citizen down on his luck, but he ultimately buckled under scrutiny and admitted he was a “Guatemalan refugee” who entered the United States through Arizona on October 25. His real name, he said, was Kappo Hernandez, and that he had come to America to work, so he could wire money to his family in Guatemala. The deputy found on him three forged state I.D. cards, each with a fictitious name—Eduardo Salazar, Jose Lopez, and Daniel Garcia—and an actual Pueblo County address. As his story goes, when Mr. Hernandez crossed the border, he met “white men in suits” who promised him cash in exchange for a favor. The “men” purportedly gave him $500 and a bus ticket to Colorado after instructing him how to register to vote and whom to vote for—straight line Democrats. They took a passport-style photograph of Mr. Hernandez and told him to stay at the Pueblo Rescue Mission, adding that he’d be contacted the day after with further instructions. “Someone showed up at the Mission and handed Hernandez three counterfeit I.D. cards. They told him where to register and where to vote. They gave him $1000 more, promising to return with an added $2500 after Election Day,” our source said. Mr. Hernandez told the deputy he followed the instructions to the letter but never received the additional cash he had been prommsed. The deputy, our source said, informed the Pueblo County Election board but was told all it could do was document the complaint. Cyber Command is attempting to discover the depth of fraud in Pueblo County. “We don’t believe this is an isolated incident. But we need more proof to prove this is a widespread, systemic issue,” our source said.”
So reading this thoroughly, it looks to me like a hocus-pocus Bogus story or false flag deal, because that there’s way too much money to pay somebody for their vote.
Even if this is a bogus story, the border needs to be closed, illegals need to be sent back on their dime and if they don't have enough money for the ticket, confiscate everything they have and sell it at public auction to pay for the ticket out of here, any politician that tries to stand in the way should be arrested, jailed and tried for bare minimum obstruction of justice, derelict of duty. And election processes need to be fixed.

Not fixed as in how they seem to use the term.
AFAIAC, Bidet opened the borders to let in a flood of illegal voters because there is no farking way a REAL American would be voting Dumpocrap! :mad:

This is why we vote in person. Not by mail. Postal fraud is a big deal and always has been, and even the post office told us as kids, never sent cash money by mail!

Evidently the ballot isn’t worth much anymore? But it costs us a bundle! Every time we vote!

So while it’s illegal to have a poll tax, or to pay people for their vote, we are already doing at least one of those. Everyone is paying taxes to the government for printing those ballots and mailing them out and mailing them back.

(The other one I don’t have any concrete and direct evidence for current payola. But the first one is clearly self evident.)

Maybe the government itself should just pay every voter. $100 to go to the polls and vote in person. That’s gonna be about $1.3 billion. Maybe only pay $67 in an “off year”.

Which is probably about half what we spend on mailing paper ballots and all this PBS government “get out the vote” propaganda.

If they were paying $100 cash money, they would not need propaganda. Everyone would vote. Every man is the same. Everybody gets one vote. Everybody gets $100.

It’s the Oprah Winfrey show of voting. Plus we would save money and stop whining about suppression. A free $100 to show up for an hour is good wages, if it’s made unreportable income. Everybody would spend an extra hundred dollars that week, and the economy would buzz, and everyone would feel ok.

My question though is, would we end up with a more or less informed electorate? What would be the effect of masses who show up just to randomly check boxes and then collect their hundred bucks? Would those “extra” people make a statistical difference in who gets elected?
I like your "plan", Cadd. :) Let me add to it and maybe we can co-patent it and make a little money off it! :D

So while we're throwing money around "buying" votes, let's sweeten the pot and stir it at the same time by REQUIRING passing a simple civics test with at least a 70% score. A passing score will get you a voter ID card AND another $100! :) You could only take it once a week until you pass. Sample test LINK An IQ over 100 would also suffice instead of the civics test--I think the average in the US is 98... :D

I am somewhat troubled every time I watch or listen to the news so I haven't been. :rolleyes: One onerous item is Michigan passing their voter "rights" law which is a pure devilry. It is legislated perpetuity of illegitimate polling... :(

Another issue is the vote counting in Arizona--IF you believe the voting there was not illegitimate, I have some oceanfront property there I will give you a GREAT deal on! 1) SofS wouldn't recuse herself, 2) SofS wouldn't debate because she knew the fix was going to be in, 3) ballot "dumps" that happened to go Dumpocrap's way. :mad: It angers me to think that AZ-ers are putting up with this! I'm here in FL and really can't do much about it because WE did our part...

I have a cousin who is a piece of shit. On disability because he is a fat, lazy fark, he votes Dumpocrap as you would expect. I'm not implying those on disability are fat, lazy or (D) but he IS. Former crack and IV drug user, the gov't GIVES him substitute drugs of which he sells half at $10/pill (Suboxone). He stops by my shop to BS on occasion and will gloat on the vote thievery going on until I tell him I am going to throw him out the door onto his head. He applied for FEMA aid and I'm like "What for? Nothing happened to your trailer!" A trailer which was bought with disability back pay. PS: my cousin was never in the service. :rolleyes: Rant over...
I can’t quite feel your pain because I don’t really have any cousins that I have been in contact with since 1965, when we were playing Batman with bath towels and Halloween masks.

When our family crossed the Rocky Mountains we became estranged.
This Katie Hobbs election is sure looking like a debacle. When people went to the polls on election day only four out of five of the machines were working.

Of course this has nothing to do with Kari Lake losing the election in spite of the fact that she was well ahead in the polls the entire time.

When interviewed about the possible discrepancies in the election, Katie Hobbs was recorded to say:

“um…uh…Well…uh…umm…it’s like…uhh“
In Nevil Shute's book, In the Wet, (Fiction - 1953) subjects of the British Empire could vote multiple times depending on how many votes were granted based on accomplishments.

Below is a description of the system from Wikipedia.

Perhaps the most interesting (and enduring) feature of the book is the "multiple vote", seen as a necessary reform of democracy. A person can have up to seven votes.
Everyone gets a basic vote. Other votes can be earned for education (including a commission in the armed forces), earning one's living overseas for two years, raising two children to the age of 14 without divorcing, being an official of a Christian church, or having a high earned income. The seventh vote, which in the book is awarded to David Anderson for his heroism, is only given at the Queen's discretion by Royal Charter.
In Nevil Shute's book, In the Wet, (Fiction - 1953) subjects of the British Empire could vote multiple times depending on how many votes were granted based on accomplishments.

Below is a description of the system from Wikipedia.
I wonder how many votes that bugger Sir Elton John would get for being a royal sodomizer? Didn’t the big cokehead Mick Jagger get knighted? British aristocracy is based 99% on land and money. Otherwise you can be the most foul drug addicted pervert. In fact it’s virtually expected of you to be a victim of moral decrepitude.

@Scoop These complicated voting schemes end up like this: More and more ways to cheat & more things for folks to complain about.