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So, there is a movement going on to demolish dams, return streams to the way they were before. Fossil fuels, now hydro electric. WTF, Dams were built to control flooding, provide electricity, and provide recreation in that order.

The loonies have completely lost their minds, or the have figured a way to make a lot of money, or they are feeling super guilty of the plight of the Indians. Or, they are just hell bent on turning the lights off.

Whatever the reason folks best start paying attention.
Feels like we're living in the twilight zone fellas....don't know what's gonna become of us if we keep going this way.
When I took my wife to visit Hoover Dam and Shasta dam they were checking under cars with a mirror for bombs, checking people for weapons, asking “cop” questions etc.

They’re pretty worried that the sentiment will ramp up to the point somebody will try to bomb them. It’s been like that for some years.
I'll use the Columbia/Snake River complex as an example given they want to take out many of the system dams.

First, impact is on commerce and barge traffic which moves a majority of agriculture product via a series of locks.

Secondly, the snow melt combined with the heavy winter precipitation across the PNW would cause downstream flooding through the Columbia River Gorge and impacts major towns like Portland by over riding their levee system. Flooding in the gorge would impact both truck and train commerce as well as auto traffic.

Finally, there will be a major reduction on water generated power which is still the cheapest cost of KW production.

We're living in an era where most folks never think of the unintended consequences of their actions.

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This another result of government agencies, beuracrats, having too much unchecked power. A group of people in Wahington D.C. that couldn't tell the difference between a tug boat and a bass boat.

I think of the reservoirs in OK, MO, KS, AR, TN, the Dakotas, and on and on. The water storage and energy storage is incredible. Take away the dams and it all drains into the seas, which these same people swear are already rising. Oh the hypocrisy