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Deer Over the Years

Here is one of the deer I have taken with Mossberg rifles over the years. 100 ATR 308 Win. Another one from MT.


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This is one of my favorites, my Dad shot this deer with a 800B 243 Win at about 50 yards right in the eye, this big buck was looking around a tree and his head was all my dad could see. The rifle in it's rack is my brothers rifle, a Ruger if I remember right.


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Last one until next year. I shot this buck in MT a few years ago, when I shot it I didn't know it was a buck, with a "A" tag in MT you can shoot either buck or doe of either species. All I knew was there was a whitetail deer standing where I couldn't see it's head, boy was I surprised when he went down and I could see what it was. I got him with a 800B 234 Win.


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