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Does anyone hunts with the 590


Hi Guys,

I did some hunting with my 590 Mariner, and despite of what others say about the no choke, and you cannot hunt with a short barrel shotgun, Please allow me to assure you that YES... u can hunt with a 590 and have good results.. I did some dove, quails, chuckkars, sand-grouse, rabbits and Wild Boars hunting with it. and it did a great job, although it will be much easier with a longer barrel and chokes to have more patterns than the cylinder bore, but it still do it's job.

I wish to find long barrels for the 590's, but I might as well get another autoloader with 28" and chokes.

please advice if you also did some hunting with the 590's.


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Yes, I hunt with mine. I have the EGW rail from CDM Gear, with which to mount a sight for deer and coyote. I'm using it for bird also, it doesnt pattern badly. I would like to send it out to Vang Comp and I'd expect it tighten up a bit more.