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Don't need those high capacity magazines for defense, huh?

Don't misunderstand, I didn't mean that I wouldn't miss because the spread compensates for poor aim, merely that I wouldn't miss because I would be in such close proximity that the only way I could miss is to not point the gun at the attacker.

My home isn't very big and the layout begets a large number of chokepoints, ergo any confrontation with an attacker is likely going to be at extremely close range, (i.e. somewhere between 2 and 5 yards) making it rather difficult to miss.

To provide a realistic scenario of a Home Invasion would be as follows;

  • I'm on the second floor in my bedroom or bathroom with the door closed and most likely locked.
  • Intruder(s) bust through my front door, thus causing a ruckus which alerts me to their presence.
  • I grab my firearm and cellphone, (both of which are always close at hand) pointing the gun at the door then calling the police.
  • I hold my position and wait for police to arrive.
  • Should the intruder(s) open or otherwise breach the door, I would open fire.

I could give other possible scenarios, but that is by far the most likely. Besides, other scenarios would amount to mere variations in which I'm in some other room or between rooms, with the only notable difference being me shutting myself in the nearest room or an immediate confrontation in which the procedure of calling the police is shuffled with opening fire, while other sequences such as lying in wait are obviously omitted.

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Personally, when it comes to Home Defense, I'd rather have fewer rounds with tremendous stopping power than a lot of rounds with lesser stopping power.

That's why my choices for Home Defense are big bore revolvers or a 12 Gauge pump shotgun.

If you feel more confident with say an AR/AK with 25-30 rounds in the magazine, then that's your prerogative, and I have no doubt that it will get the job done so long as you do your part, but no amount of outlandish reports of several highly trained home invaders breaking into homes in which 5-6 rounds of large caliber bullets or buckshot simply weren't enough will convince me to change my mind, much like how I doubt you would be swayed by any outlandish reports I could dig up of 25-30 rounds of small-mid caliber rifle bullets being insufficient.

Folks honestly need to learn to respect the choices of others, abandon demonstrably false concepts such as the ultimate one-size-fits-all self-defense platform, stop using headline reports of freak occurrences in attempt to prove/disprove the effectiveness of firearms/cartridges, and that bullets in general tend to be deadly so long as they are aimed at a vital organ.
I own, use, and or carry everything from .380 to 12 gauge. Home = shotgun. Out and about I carry .40, .38 special, or .380, depending on if I'm in the car, or walking, and how many layers of clothes I have on and other variables. If I wear more clothes, I can carry a bigger gun. Also .380 from what I know. Im no expert. It doesn't like a lot of layers, so if I must shoot through more layers I carry a bigger round. I live in Chicago btw. We wear more clothes in the winter. Most people do. Long story short, home = shotgun, 00 buck.


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Would someone with only five or 10 shots in their gun take the risk to fire a warning shot?

Or just go for the kill?

If I can make it sound like World War 3 without actually killing anyone isn't that preferable?

I figure that I should be allowed to have enough self defense ammunition to fire several dozen warning shots, without reloading, just in case I lose my senses and don't want to kill the nice people attacking me.


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Warning shots are illegal in many places. In order to use deadly force you must feel your life is in iminent danger. If you have the luxury of a warning shot, you obviously are not in iminent danger.

First goal is to survive the encounter.
Second goal is to survive criminal courtroom.
Third goal is to survive the civil courtroom.


I think of this a lot. The fact is, until the time comes I'm not sure what will happen. My girlfriend and I talk about the what if, but there could be variables that affect that. I hope I never have to find out, but on the other hand I try to stay mentally prepared.

Oh, btw, no warning shot from me.


In TN "warning shots" are no-go. You are criminally and civilly responsible for every round you fire and the injury or damage it causes.

If you fire any shot outside of a hunting or range environment, you probably will be introduced to the legal system.

If you righteously and justifiably shoot and kill person you can win the defense of that action [perhaps]. But if that righteous bullet goes through the body and kills an innocent person also, you are liable for that death. One bullet could result in two different outcomes.


Here in FL, Castle Doctrine=NO warning shot... That said, perp surrenders willingly and is NOT armed, cuffs and ties will be applied and police will be called. Perp points anything that looks like a weapon or rushes towards me then shots will be fired. Weapon depends on the room I am in and the scenario. I also hope to never perform the scenario of shooting back although it is practiced both mentally and physically...

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In Illinois, warning shots are a no go too. Besides in Chicago warning shots come by way of mouth. Anything after that in self defense is a definite go. Bad guys don't do bad things. That's how you get shot .
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