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Dry firing


Copper BB
So I bought a shockwave version of the 590 and like most of my new guns I like to cycle them alot and dry fire it. Before I even took it to the range I notice that the safely started to move on its own to the safe position. I made sure the screw was tight and it was. I then took it apart and noticed that it was the firing pin that was hitting the safety and knocking it back. The retention pin was damage allowing the firing pin past it. I only see one other thread where somebody else had this issue. I was able to repair with parts I had laying around. Anyone else had this issue? It must have been from dry firing it a bunch of times. The pin seemed really small and it wasn't hardened steal. You would expect a roll pin for something like that. I guess I won' dry fire it anymore.
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Brian. Welcome to Mossberg Owners from E TN.

I haven't handled a SW yet so I can't be of much help to you. But I'll bet within a couple of days you will have a few Mossbergowners offer you some useful advice.



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Dry fire in any gun that is NOT a rim fire is fine.
I have dry fried shotguns and rifle and pistols THOUSANDS of times with no issue at all.
At least this is my experience.

I don't have a 590 but I do have 4 500's. I can't imagine how a FIRING PIN can engage a safety through dry firing.