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ESSTAC cards...wondering..


How long one can keep shells in them before the elastic wear out? I bought 3. I'm planning on keeping the one on the boomstick loaded up as they do no good empty. The other 2 on stand-by. Anyone experience how long the elastic will remain tight? Hard as hell to get the shells in when new. I got the 7 round cards to put on a stock 590, they are too long to be effective mounted to the receiver so I put it on the buttstock.
I've used these shotcards for years and have some that have remained loaded for probably 5 or 6 years without any issues. ESSTAC has figured this out vice the other offerers on the market.

And, yes the initial loadout is tight but you really need that to maintain the shells intact when running the gun heavy.

Good luck.

Similar to Ernst, I've got no issues with any loss of stretch with the ones in-use on my 930spx, nor the few I've kept loaded in storage.