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Federal Shorty Rifled Slugs - loose slug?

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I would call myself a seasoned shooter by any measure. Though I am less familiar with shotguns and shotgun ammo.... but I do have a working knowledge.

I'm quite familiar with what can happen with rifle and pistol ammunition with a projectile that has been pushed into the case.

This seemed to be a different situation to me. Very different. A cursory search on Google revealed that my observation was not an isolated one or unique. What I could not find was any information about potential adverse effects. A few said they fired without a problem. But I was hoping for a bit more "authoritative" info.

By contrast, there is PLENTY of info about the adverse effects of rifle and pistol projectile set-back in brass (metallic) cartridges.

I figured since this forum has a higher concentration of shotgun-istas that I might hear something constructive and factual rather than speculative.

@nitesite's post makes the most sense (so far). I'll stand by for anyone else to chime in with some good information. :cool:


Average Guy
Do you have specific knowledge of factors that affect shotgun shell pressures? Do you know for sure the wad will control pressure when the slug is free to move? It makes a heck of a difference with metallic cartridges.
Do we have any expert shot shell reloaders here that can weigh in?

I consider myself one. Different hulls, different primers, different powders, different wads, different payload weights.... I have books and books that explain all this and have data tables for thousands of combinations depending on all the above factors and they are generally considered not to be deviated from.

End of discussion. Go research your theory somewhere else on the interwebz, my friend. Don't forget to spend some time on "cut shells" if you have even heard of them.

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