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Feed problem and sloppy magazine fit


Copper BB
I have constant misfeed problems with my 802 Plinkster, the bullet fails to go up the ramp, or I can't close the bolt until I push the magazine up into the rifle, jiggle it, try to load again. I can move the magazine up and down in its slot .106" from pulled down to magazine stop to as far into the rifle as I can push it. Also the magazine measures between .437 and .441" wide. The slot the magazine goes into measures .480+-.002. Are these normal variables. Seems awfully sloppy to me.
Mossberg has offered to look at it if I'd mail it to El Paso. I realize this is not an expensive rifle but it does fill a need and is a very accurate squirrel gun. I need the bolt action because I occasionally use snake and rodent eliminator, these are such low power they will not provide necessary blow-back for a semiauto.. The rifle will not feed either ammo.
The rifle is cleaned after every use.
Any suggestions.