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Finally there is a stock replacement option


Copper BB
So I just wanted to let everyone who has been looking for a replacement option for the Mossberg 4x4, that Boyd's Stocks now sells a few different options and colors. Price is $120 for all options, more if you want to customize a little. Here is Boyd's info about the conversion:
ATTENTION CUSTOMERS: OUR STOCK WILL ONLY WORK FOR THE PLASTIC/SYNTHETIC TO WOOD CONVERSION. You will need to use the plastic mag liner from the original factory stock and the front action screw (.930"). Each stock will be supplied with the rear action screw (1.5"), "FLAT FRONT" trigger guard, and wood screw (1").

I have also spoken to the folks at Altamont. This is the company that makes the original laminate stocks for the 4x4. When they have extra stocks they will sell them for $200. I have heard of others getting them for cheaper like around $150 and I think they offer a military discount. But it probably depends on who you talk to.
www.boydsgunstocks.com and www.altamontco.com you have to email the people at Altamont about the stocks.
Welcome to the forum from NY and thank you for posting some great info for our 4x4 owners.;)
Thanks for the welcome and no problem for the info. I have been keeping my eye out for stocks awhile now and I am glad to see that Boyd's has finally came around to the 4x4. I have been thinking about getting a new stock for my 25-06 that I purchased last year after shooting it the first few times. The current plastic/synthetic stock is to flimsy and light and doesn't absorb much recoil. I may just attempt a bedding job on the factory stock first and see if I cant shore up some deficiencies if anyone has any ideas about that I would appreciate them.
This is great info. I too have the synthetic stock and don't much care for it. Silly question but is the 4x4 30-06 considered long action?