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Flags Aloft


.50 BMG
As far as I know, this is not a holiday, and besides, I see the same flags every day when I ride my bike.

One of the reasons that I am so happy to live in this little town.

This is what I saw on my morning bicycle ride, about 3 miles just riding around our neighborhood. I usually do a 5 mile pattern but today you only get to see 60% of what I see every day

Of course there are winners and there are losers and this is no different. You know who the winners really are.


Lost this one though….


.50 BMG
I was a Scout, (60 years ago) so the thought occurred to me.

He had a noisy dog. He will see it on the way to work.

We had some real winds recently. There were many furled and tangled and probably lost.


.50 BMG
I was a Scout (and don't remember) but my son's Pack would have campouts and on Sat night before chow they would have a "retirement" ceremony for soiled flags.

Our troop was sponsored by some Air Force families and so we had a guy with a bugle play taps and all of that stuff. They had a special ceremonial stainless steel incinerator.

There was no food involved that I can recall but I do remember them reading the names of some local guys who were shot down in Vietnam.


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Just for information, your local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) or American Legion posts have flag disposal facilities.

Just drop them off there for respectful handling.


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My American flag is displayed proudly all day all year.