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Forearm loose


Copper BB
Just purchased a new 935 magnum turkey model and the forearm seems pretty loose to me. I contacted mossberg and they said 1/4 to 3/8" of play is is normal in all these models and the 935/930. I have a 930 with a breacher barrel and it does not have any play in it. Is this normal and does anyone have any suggestion to take that play out of it? Thanks.


Copper BB
Welcome to the forum!

This issue of play in the 930/935 forearm lead to the creation of our second part a few years ago. Some forearms fitting tighter than others is more in the dimensions of the barrel, but our CFR draws the forearm closer to the receiver and eliminates the movement:


Hope that helps!


Got it on and it fits like a glove. Dont know why they dont come from the factory like this? Thanks for a great product