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Formally going after Google and Facebook


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The Trump Admin. is looking at going after the internet giants for their bias. I have wondered why they didn't hit them with anti-trust laws since they have no real competition. I wish they had started this a year ago but better late than never.


Google is not a good company for those that love freedom. They developed a search engine to alloy China to track the searches of it's citizens (probably like what t he NSA does to the USA)

Google then tried to suppress the leaked memo about the Chinese search engine they developed:

Google emails came out that showed their employees discussing rigging searches to fight back against the Trump travel ban:

John A.

Unconstitutional laws are not laws.
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They have openly said they were doing it again.

And they were all but mocking Congress about it.


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Wow, that is some super "pot calling the kettle black" logic right there! How do you go from "defending" the free world from Trump to helping a brutal, communist government spy on their people? I guess you could say that communists will do what communists will do............what other explanation is there?


They never think they will get caught. As time goes by they more brazen and also complacent. Our own FBI has had similar problems.