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Game Camera SDHC Card Veiwer


.270 WIN
I have two new Primos TruthCam 35 Game Cameras on the way but instead of buying multiple SD or SDHC cards to switch out, I want to get a viewer that I can take with me for a quick review of the stored photos while in the field. The viewers that are designed for this type of activity are like the Moultrie or Cuddeback viewers and are pretty expensive. I'm looking to buy either a cheap digital camera that I can insert the card into and view the pics or possibly even a digital picture frame. Anyone else have any ideas or use something cheap to view their game camera pictures? My iPhone 3G cell phone doesn't have an SD slot so I can't use that. Trying to keep the cost at about $30.00 instead of the $75.00 or more that the Game Camera makers want to sell you. Thanks.